Our Pillars of Part Sourcing

  • Correct
  • Competitive
  • Timely


C&C works with many manufacturers of combustion related equipment. We have the industry experience to know who to contact for the best pricing and quickest sourcing of the parts you need.

Burner and Boiler Components

Typical parts we can source for you:

  • blowers
  • blower wheels
  • boiler gaskets
  • boiler tubes
  • burner heads
  • condensate neutralizer media
  • electrodes
  • flame safeguards
  • gauges
  • heat exchangers
  • ignitors
  • low water cut offs
  • oil metering valves
  • oil nozzles
  • pressure regulators
  • refractory
  • safety relief valves
  • sight glass
  • UV scanners